Can You Rely On Your 9-5 Job For A Comfortable Retirement? Most Probably Not

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You see, I know what you are going through and I know your challenges. Every weekday, you wake up with the same single question on your mind…” How many days to go before the weekend?” You do that because like millions of others, you have become a slave to your job.

You constantly feel like you are in a rut. Perhaps you started off with good enough intentions and that is to look for a job, make a living and live a happy life. But 10 years later, you are still at it selling your time for money making someone else rich. Your health is deteriorating and pressure is mounting on you to meet certain sales goal or performance benchmark.

And you may have just been passed over for a promotion that you believe you richly deserve but your boss don’t seem to think that way. How about facing the situation where your company downsizes and you need to fill in for Mark who has just been let go? And suddenly, you are wearing 2 hats with no increased in salary. In addition, your family life is taking a beating and your wife is complaining about the lack of attention given to her. Perhaps your kids have been complaining that the last family outing that you organized was 3 years back.

For some, having a 9-5 job may be music to their ears but like many others, you feel like caged animals performing the same things and fighting new and never ending battles on a daily basis. What started for you as a dream job is now sucking away at your life bit by bit, piece by piece until have nothing more to give. Daily grinds such as looking at worksheets, countless and endless meetings, listening to your boss barks pretty much sums up your day. On top of that, you are continuously stressing out over the lack of additional income other than your paycheck they you eagerly look forward to every month.

Retirement Fears

When you think about retirement, there are basically 3 things that really scare you, and I mean the type of situations that can cause you to worry and panic. They are:

1) Running out of money

2) Loss of community

3) Loss of identity

Out of the 3, the running out of money part is the scariest for most, if not all people.

Americans are most afraid of their money running out before their life runs out, and almost equally afraid that while they are alive, they won’t have the funds to enjoy their life and cover basic necessities and leaving them broke in their final years. The uncertainty of knowing if your retirement funds are enough to cover your entire life can be indeed crippling. You will be constantly worrying about how you are going to get through in your later years and this thought is indeed taking the quality out of your life

Yes… The reality is that these are real, reasonable and rational fears.

Running out of money after your retirement and not being able to continue working even if you want to, is indeed terrifying. You’ll be much older and your capability in landing a job is slim to none due to your age and physical condition. To top it off, the ever-increasing medical costs in your later years is a heavy burden to many people who do not have enough money for these additional expenses.

Some of the most common questions that swirl around the head of retirees that are often overlooked are:

1) What if there was another massive correction in the stock market like what happened in 2008-2009 and the last quarter of 2018?

2) What if my rental properties take a hit because it was left vacant for an extended period of time because there were no tenants?

3) What if I incurred unexpected medical expenses that I did not foresee?

4) Or what if I did not budget correctly and underestimated my living expenses to sustain a certain quality of life?

Such upsetting thoughts can cause panic and paralyze even the best of us.

Are you thoroughly prepared for a major health event?

Healthcare and the ability to enjoy proper medical assistance is a major concern among Americans heading into retirement. In America, healthcare costs runs about close to a staggering $3.5 trillion a year. In addition, insurance premiums increases every year and for those of you who have Medicare must know that unfortunately not all expenses are covered by them and that include long term healthcare. I am sure that many of you are among the 58 percent of Americans that are not fully prepared for a major health event in your life.

But the sad fact is that most Americans aren’t taking the necessary steps to address their concerns and mitigate the risks.

They have underfunded pensions or private pensions that don’t really pay all that well… Many of you are simply relying on social security. Some still work upwards of 20 hours every single week to essentially supplement whatever pension funds you are getting. Does that sound all too familiar to you? What will happen in 5-10 years now if you do nothing now?

  • Will you be a burden to your family or partner?
  • How will they view you?
  • Are you prepared?
  • Are you living the life you want?

What Retirees In America Fear?


Running Out Of Money


Unable To Maintain Current Lifestyle


Unable To Pay for Unexpected Health Event

Where Are You Today?


Those Who Have Less Than $5000 Saved For Their Retirement


Nothing Saved For Their Retirement


Doesn't Even Know What They Have Or What They Need For Their Retirement


Have Something Comfortable Saved For Their Retirement

Don’t Be That Person In The First 3 Groups

Income rolling in from another source sounds great, right? Unfortunately, it’s extremely hard for many people to figure out how to create another source of income stream without any proper guide or anyone to show them how. But today, I am going to show you how you can use this proven, sustainable and passive income stream to change your life.

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